McCain: Obama ‘missing in action’ in aiding Syrians (with video)

John McCain

FARGO – During his visit to Fargo’s Air National Guard base today, Arizona Sen. John McCain also elaborated on his recent remarks about America’s lack of involvement in Syria.

McCain, the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, had harsh words for President Barack Obama and his inaction in aiding Syrian citizens who are being killed by government troops.

McCain said the Syrian government is using military weapons and assistance from Iran and Russia to “massacre” and “slaughter” its own citizens.

“They do not have the ability to defend themselves. It’s not a fair fight,” McCain said today. “It is disgraceful and shameful that the United States of America has not come to these people’s assistance by providing them with arms to defend themselves and other measures that need to be taken.”

McCain said it was “startling” that Obama “does not even speak up on behalf of these people,” adding that the situation in Syria “cries out for American leadership.”

“We need to help these people; We need to give them weapons to defend themselves,” McCain said. “Other nations will join us. America does not have to – nor would I want us to – go it alone … The president of the United States is missing in action.”

McCain said he would oppose using American troops on the ground in Syria, but he wants America to provide military assistance, such as anti-tank weapons and other artillery to the Syrian people.

McCain first spoke out earlier this week in Washington about his disdain for the Obama administration’s inaction in Syria.

McCain was the Republican presidential candidate in 2008. He lost to Obama, who’s seeking re-election this year.