The Forum launches its 2012 Voters Guide

FARGO – In less than two weeks, North Dakota voters will decide a slew of local elections, primary battles and statewide ballot measures.

To help readers learn more about the candidates and issues in each race, we’ve launched a 2012 online voters guide on

Using the guide, you can view candidates’ biographies and read their responses to specific questions we’ve posed to them.

You can also compare candidates side-by-side and fill out a mock ballot that you can take with you to the polls on Election Day.

We’ve invited all candidates to participate, regardless of partisan affiliation or whether their race is contested.

If a candidate’s profile is blank, that just means they haven’t submitted their responses yet. We’ll publish their responses once we’ve received them.

The Forum’s 2012 Voters Guide will remain active through the November election, so check back throughout the coming months for new candidates and initiatives as other elections draw near.

For instance, later this summer, we’ll add Minnesota races and candidates in advance of the August primary there.

View the Voters Guide by logging on here. (Or better yet, bookmark that link for quick access down the road!)