VIDEO: In keynote, Noem promotes Berg, GOP freshmen’s successes

BISMARCK – South Dakota’s freshman Rep. Kristi Noem heralded the work ethic of Congress’ GOP newcomers, during her address to North Dakota Republicans Saturday.

Noem particularly offered high praises to Rep. Rick Berg, one of 86 Republican freshmen who joined the House with her in 2011.

“I’ve been really impressed with Rick,” Noem said. “You will not find a harder worker.”

Noem said Berg is willing to make tough votes and she praised his efforts to repeal health care reform through House votes.

She said North Dakotans should support him in the U.S. Senate race and replace him with “a good strong conservative that shares same principles and values.”

“We need more leaders in Washington who are willing to cast the right vote regardless of political consequences,” Noem said. “Put on your boots, saddle up again and get to work for those leaders you have in North Dakota.”

With Berg seeking the Senate, the state’s House seat is open this year.

The Republicans’ endorsed candidate in the race will be decided Sunday, but delegates might have to cast several ballots before the nominee is chosen.

Five candidates are seeking the endorsement: Shane Goettle, Bette Grande, DuWayne Hendrickson, Brian Kalk and Kim Koppelman.

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