Hoeven endorses Berg’s Senate campaign in new TV ad

Rick Berg

FARGO – North Dakota Rep. Rick Berg has picked up a valuable endorsement from one of the state’s most high-profile Republicans.

North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven officially backs Berg’s Senate run this year in a new campaign ad that debuted Wednesday on North Dakota TV stations.

In the 30-second bit, Hoeven touts his long working relationship with Berg – whose latter years of service in the North Dakota Legislature coincided with Hoeven’s 10 years in the governor’s office.

“To get our country back on track, we need Rick Berg in the U.S. Senate,” Hoeven says. “We did it in North Dakota, and we can do it for our country. Rick Berg is the right person for the United States Senate.”

Hoeven and Berg successfully topped the Republican ticket in the 2010 midterm elections. Both men joined Congress in 2011: Hoeven as a freshman senator and Berg as a freshman congressman.

The Hoeven ad is the third Berg has released in less than a month.

The first ad debuted three weeks ago, but Berg came under fire from critics after The Forum reported how the ad recycled the same pitch by a Virginia legislator last year.

A couple weeks later, Berg shifted gears and began running a new ad promoting his perennial slogan of “The North Dakota Way,” which he first used in his 2010 House campaign.

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