Obama to nominate N.D. energy regulator to federal board

Tony Clark

FARGO – President Barack Obama is expected to nominate a North Dakota Public Service commissioner this afternoon to serve on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

North Dakota Republican Sen. John Hoeven said in a statement today he recommended Tony Clark as a candidate for the federal appointment.

Clark, who has served on the state PSC since 2000, isn’t seeking re-election this year.

“Tony is a highly capable commissioner, and he will bring a great amount of knowledge and expertise to this position,” said Hoeven, who previously worked with Clark when Hoeven served as North Dakota governor from 2000 to 2010.

“North Dakota has benefitted from his leadership, and now is the time for him to take a national advisory role,” Hoeven added.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell formally offered Clark for Obama’s consideration in the nomination, which is expected this afternoon, Hoeven said. (The Associated Press first broke the story earlier today.)

Clark’s service on the federal board is pending approval from the U.S. Senate, which will vote whether to confirm his nomination.

Hoeven touted Clark’s work on energy regulation in North Dakota, where oil production is booming and wind energy is on the rise. During 10 years with the state PSC, Clark has helped oversee more than $3 billion in new investment in North Dakota’s energy sector, Hoeven said.

Prior to Clark’s tenure with the North Dakota PSC, the 40-year-old served for a time as the state’s labor commissioner and also represented Fargo in the state House for four years during the 1990s.

He also temporarily served as chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party for several months in 2010, when the departure of Gary Emineth left a vacancy before the critical mid-term election.

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