VOTE: What’s your reaction to Kevin Cramer’s announcement today?

FARGO – Several North Dakota Republicans are sounding off today following news that GOP House candidate Kevin Cramer will bypass his party’s state convention and compete directly in the June primary.

Now’s your chance to weigh in. Cast your vote here and sound off below.

One thought on “VOTE: What’s your reaction to Kevin Cramer’s announcement today?

  1. So long as there is a primary – paid for by the state’s taxpayers – party endorsements should be irrelevant. In fact, I would prefer that parties be prohibited from endorsing, as it was for a long time in California, but that has been found unconstitutional. Alternatively, eliminate the primary and let the parties decide who to run. Or, have an open primary where voters could vote on any party ballot.

    The problem we have now is that it is a mixture of the two systems (direct voters and private associations), which does not make much sense.

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