Cramer reports $215,000 in contributions toward House bid

Kevin Cramer

FARGO – Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer raised more than $215,000 in the initial months of his congressional campaign, the most of any candidate who’s so far reported 2011 fundraising numbers.

Cramer, a Republican in his fourth bid for the U.S. House, launched his campaign in early November – giving him about two months to collect initial contributions before the year-end deadline.

In comparison, Republican House contenders Brian Kalk and Shane Goettle reported lesser earnings in 2011. Kalk raised about $150,000 after about a year’s worth of fundraising, while Goettle took in nearly $119,000 in net donations within little more than a month.

Both Kalk and Goettle reported their contributions last week. The remaining House candidates – Republicans Bette Grande and Kim Koppelman, Democrat Pam Gulleson and libertarian Eric Olson – have yet to declare their fundraising feats.

All candidates for federal office are required to file end-of-year fundraising reports to the Federal Election Commission by Jan. 31.

Since Republican DuWayne Hendrickson announced his campaign last week, he won’t have to file a report until April.