Minot resident becomes 6th GOP candidate to enter U.S. House race

DuWayne Hendrickson

FARGO – The candidate pool for North Dakota’s U.S. House seat has a new entry for the 2012 race.

Minot Republican DuWayne Hendrickson joined the race this week, becoming the sixth GOP candidate vying to be the state’s congressman.

“Since the GOP convention in 2010 I have been waiting for this day to come around 1 more time,” Hendrickson said in his campaign announcement. “There is still to much at stake for our great nation to give up, which is what will happen if we elect the same old politicians back into office.”

Hendrickson ran unsuccessfully as a write-in candidate in the 2010 race and also ran as an independent in the 2008 gubernatorial election.

“There are so many issues out there that still need to get solved,” Hendrickson said this afternoon, citing the federal deficit and over-regulation of the EPA as examples.

“I don’t believe we actually got served by the person we did elect,” he added.

Republican Rep. Rick Berg is seeking election to the U.S. Senate this year, leaving North Dakota’s House seat vacant.

Hendrickson faces stiff competition from an established field of candidates within North Dakota’s GOP: Fargo legislator Bette Grande, West Fargo legislator Kim Koppelman, Public Service Commissioners Brian Kalk and Kevin Cramer and former state commerce commissioner Shane Goettle.

The party’s endorsed candidate will be decided during the state nominating convention in March. Meanwhile, Democrat Pam Gulleson and libertarian Eric Olson are also seeking North Dakota‚Äôs congressional seat.

Hendrickson said he can best relate to the average North Dakotan and has a drive to act on the issues.

“I’m a normal person; I’m just trying to get out there and trying to serve like all these other candidates are supposed to do,” Hendrickson said.

In his campaign announcement, Hendrickson paints himself as the “generic” candidate among a field of “brand names.”

“We have used brand name politicians for ages – Conrad, Pomeroy, Berg,” he said. “With our nation it may be time to go generic, as they are getting to be as good as the name brand. I consider myself much better than name brand, as I have the issues of our state and country at heart.”

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