Emineth named state coordinator for Perry’s presidential run

FARGO – The former chairman for the North Dakota Republican Party is now coordinating campaign operations here for Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s presidential run.

Gary Emineth will serve as North Dakota campaign chairman and coordinator of Perry’s grassroots efforts in the state, the campaign announced this morning.

“I am honored to have the support of Gary and so many people across North Dakota who will help me share my vision to get America working again, and specifically get our nation on the path to energy independence,” Perry said in a statement.

“North Dakota’s valuable energy resources will play an important role in our effort to grow American jobs as we eliminate the bureaucratic red tape from Washington that is strangling our ability to harness our own domestic energy,” Perry added. “I look forward to running a solid campaign in this state that will set us on the path to victory.”

Emineth is a longtime Republican supporter, having served as the the NDGOP’s executive director from 1984-1989 and its finance director from 2006-2007. He then served as state party chairman and a member of the Republican National Committee from 2007-2010.  (Emineth resigned his chairmanship in summer 2010, just months prior to the midterm elections.)

Emineth said he’s looking forward to his next political venture in support of Perry.

“Rick Perry is the candidate with the record and experience our county needs,” Emineth said in a statement from Perry’s campaign, “and I’m excited to help Gov. Perry bring his vision to get America working again to North Dakota.”