Grande channels conservatism, targets “government gone wild”

Bette Grande

FARGO – In the formal launch of her U.S. House campaign this morning, longtime Fargo legislator Bette Grande branded herself as the “fiscal and social conservative” among what’s expected to be a crowded field of candidates.

The staunch Republican delivered her first stump speech in her hometown of Williston, pledging to stop what she calls “government gone wild” that exhibits excessive regulation and a lack of fiscal restraint.

Grande plans to visit other cities in the state over the next several days, including a stop in Fargo sometime next week.

“I am running for the U.S. House because the House needs to regain its constitutional authority. It needs to regain the voice of the people,” Grande said today, according to a statement from her campaign. “The U.S. House is the people’s house, and we need leaders in Washington who understand what that means.”

Grande also posted a video announcement online, in which she adds: “You may not always agree with me, but you’ll know where I stand with my conservative principles and my conservative record.”

Notably, in her YouTube debut, Grande aligns herself with nationally-known female conservatives through her subtle nod to former vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

“The founders gave the House the power of the purse,” she says. “We need leaders who will take that responsibility seriously, leaders who will stand against tax increases. I may be bias, but it seems to me those of us who carry a purse – us Mama Grizzlies – seem to understand that better than others.”

Watch her entire video speech below:

(Grande’s official campaign website is also now live, as well as connections on Facebook and Twitter.)

Grande said in her announcement speech today, there is “a crisis of leadership” in Washington because “the government acts like Washington DC is the source of political power in this nation instead of the people.”

“The issues we face today call for truth, clarity, confidence and leadership,” Grande said, emphasizing her beliefs in a limited government, state’s rights, lower taxes and less regulation.

Grande said Americans need representatives who will stand firm against political posturing.

“We need to return to our first principles as a nation and rebuild the foundations laid by our founders,” she said. “I am standing firm on conservative principles and a
conservative record, and I am asking the people of North Dakota to stand with me.”

Grande highlighted five key priorities she’d target if elected:

  • cut spending and reduce taxes
  • repeal health care reform
  • rein in regulators, including most especially the Environmental Protection Agency
  • stand for family
  • restore the nation’s “first principles”

Grande, a Fargo resident for the last 20 years, revealed yesterday that she planned to enter the U.S. House race. She’s represented south-central Fargo in the state Legislature since 1996.

She faces Republican Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk for the official GOP nomination, which will be decided next spring. Former legislator Pam Gulleson is the lone Democrat candidate so far.

4 thoughts on “Grande channels conservatism, targets “government gone wild”

  1. Wow–She claimed personal bankruptcy and left us all to pay her bills, but she is applying as fiscally responsible? Oh, and isn’t she the one that tried to steal from the Veterans Home and put the State workers retirement in the stock market. Brilliant…NOT!

  2. Palin, Bachmann , McDonnel, Sharon Angle…now Grande.. the GOP version of “girls gone wild!’
    Don’t any of these women realize that even though passions and intent may be true , their checkered pasts come back to haunt them! and YES how they behaved in the past and how they conducted their business is relevant! Did Ms Grande think her bankruptcies would melt away like winter snow if she put her name on a national ballot? Why do these women always plead ‘victim’ when their ‘qualifications’ to be our representative in Washington is called into question because of these failings!
    Ms Grande -check out what Guv Christie said yesterday when he turned down the op to run for Prez. He said he made a promise and commitment to the people of his state to serve out his term!!! How does that measure up to your hero ,Sarah Palin , who cut and run from her job in Alaska after only 2 years!
    Where does that fit in with your high minded talk about ‘first principles !”

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