Fargo attorney elected Dem-NPL chairman

FARGO – Over the weekend, North Dakota Democrats elected their next leader.

Fargo attorney Greg Hodur was voted to replace outgoing chairman Mark Schneider at the party’s policy committee meeting Saturday. Schneider had held the post since September 2009.

Hodur is an Ohio native who’s lived in the Fargo area for 10 years. He was challenged in the election by Max Laird of Bismarck.

According to a statement from the party, Hodur was elected with 35 votes, while Laird received 27.

“I look forward to this opportunity and challenge,” Hodur said in the statement. “I will devote my full attention to the responsibilities of the chair and look forward to meeting with North Dakotans throughout the state.”

4 thoughts on “Fargo attorney elected Dem-NPL chairman

  1. Judging from his chronic letters-to-the-editor, I was always led to believe Hodor was just a concerned citizen. Who knew he was really a political operative?

  2. Kevin, is there a different between the two? If you are a concerned citizen, you should be a voter. If you are a voter, you are a political operative working to get someone elected and someone not elected.

  3. If you are a political operative, you should be identified as such instead of masquerading as just “a concerned citizen.”

  4. Pay no attention to Kevin. He is clearly to narrow minded and ignorant to understand that people with political aspirations can also be CONCERNED CITIZENS. What a strange concept.

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