Berg to hold previously unplanned town hall Thursday in Jamestown

Rick Berg

FARGO – It seems North Dakota Republican Rep. Rick Berg isn’t yet done with his town-hall tour while home on congressional break this month.

Berg announced minutes ago he’s planned one final public meeting with his constituents in Jamestown before returning to his Capitol Hill duties.

The event is free and open to the public. It’s scheduled for noon Thursday at the Gladstone Inn & Suites, 111 2nd St. N.E., in Jamestown.

Previously this month, Berg held six town-halls across North Dakota – including a stop in Fargo that drew a fiery and divided crowd. The federal budget debate and whether to raise taxes had sparked lively discussion with the freshman congressman.

One thought on “Berg to hold previously unplanned town hall Thursday in Jamestown

  1. This is my 4th attempt to get in contact with Mr Berg…NO REPLY! I am a Senior Citizen, a Vietnam Veteran, and, a very ‘unhappy tenant’! My only thoughts now to his non-replies are: “Who Cares”!…so ‘What’!…and, I’m making ‘MY Millions’! Letters and phone calls (of which there are none) don’t mean anything. Face to Face…..Black is Black…White is White…Above Table……..And I read now, our politicians need more on their annual salary of $174,000 dollars, plus benefits a year! “I can’t even get a Response”!

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