REMINDER: Berg hosting town hall in Fargo tonight

Rick Berg

FARGO – Rep. Rick Berg will hear North Dakotans’ questions and comments tonight in Fargo during his last town hall meeting this month.

The event begins at 6 p.m. at Longfellow Elementary School, 20 29th Ave. N. It’s open to the public.

During his August congressional holiday, Berg has already held five other town halls – two others this week in Bismarck and Grand Forks and three last week in Minot, Williston and Dickinson.

Berg previously held a series of town halls this spring after marking his first 100 days in Congress. During that Fargo event, Berg emphasized the national spending situation, but health care reform and Medicare benefits dominated much of the public comment from the 125 or so people who attended.

Look for full coverage on tonight’s town hall here on “Flickertales” and in Friday’s edition of The Forum.

2 thoughts on “REMINDER: Berg hosting town hall in Fargo tonight

  1. Just who wants to listen to more republican talking points, telling us the the rich need tax cuts to create jobs. Where are the jobs after Bush gave them the tax cuts 12 years ago. President Clinton raised taxes on the rich, balanced the budget and had a surplus, and he created over two million jobs during his term of office.

    A good question to ask Berg tonight and watch him babble with more lies. This guy is out to make more money for himself and that is his bottom line. He is the greediest man I have ever known. Look out ND, or our state will look like the slum housing that he created with Gold Mark rental. He made all of his millions off of the vulnerable poor people renting them slum apartments and when in need of repair, NO one ever showed up to fix anything. They tried to change my lease without informing me, so I took them to court and I WQN! The judge was not happy with them, as he knows how they operate, like thieves.

    • You know him personally? ……….your obviously a far left loon that had problems with GOLDMARK. Im sure he had a vendetta with you and didnt want you to have a nice things in your apartment. You know you dont have to rent with GoldMark there are plenty of other properties. I have GOLDMARK never had a problem they come and fix my stuff when I ask and I dont live in a slum either.

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