LATEST: Berg votes with GOP to pass Boehner’s debt bill

FARGO – After holding out in the “undecided” column, North Dakota Rep. Rick Berg was among the GOP-bloc to pass House Speaker John Boehner’s debt proposal this evening.

The measure passed 218-210. However, Senate Democrats have vowed to oppose it and even President Obama says he’ll veto it. That makes tonight’s House vote more of a political statement than any act of substance.

Nonetheless, Berg’s statement about his vote this evening at least informed North Dakotans about what he wants out of a debt-reduction package and why he supported Boehner’s proposal.

Here’s what Berg said:

Rick Berg

“I was not elected to continue with Washington business as usual and hand President Obama another blank check—I was elected to help make fundamental reforms that fix Washington, turn our country and economy around, and restore confidence with the American people and our nation’s job creators.  North Dakotans deserve to know the truth about our budget situation, and Washington has the responsibility to deliver real solutions that work to balance our budget and get our economy and country back on track.

“The bill to be voted on in the House today offers a commonsense solution to President Obama’s request to raise the debt limit, without raising taxes on the American people and small businesses.  It also empowers states by allowing them to mandate through a Balanced Budget Amendment that Washington shouldn’t spend more than it takes in— much like a North Dakota family or a small business. North Dakota families have tightened their belts.  It’s time for Washington to do the same.

“Today we will vote on yet another House proposal to address the President’s request for a debt limit increase. Senate Democrats have dismissed repeated House efforts to cut spending, balance the budget, and give America’s job creators the confidence they need to invest in our national recovery, without passing any plan of their own in turn. Rather than continuing to embrace Washington’s broken culture of more spending, more taxes, and more debt, it is time for Senate Democrats to come to the table and join the House in passing meaningful legislation to address this very important issue.

“The simple truth is that Washington cannot continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.  No more budget tricks and accounting gimmicks.  No more empty promises.  It’s time for real solutions to get our debt and spending under control and our country back on track.”

4 thoughts on “LATEST: Berg votes with GOP to pass Boehner’s debt bill

  1. So Berg voted to be a selfish child rather than an adult. He is not a leader but only an opportunist.

  2. This guy is a typical yes man clown. Anything Bohner says, he will do. I really hope this state does not put this guy in as a senator.

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