Conrad condemns attacks in Norway, pledges N.D.’s support

Kent Conrad

FARGO – In a gesture of solidarity toward many North Dakotans’ homeland, Sen. Kent Conrad was among the U.S. officials to condemn today’s terrorist attacks in Norway.

Initial estimates from authorities in Norway say at least 10 people were killed when bombs rocked a government building in Oslo.

Shortly after the bombing, a gunman opened fire at a summer camp on a nearby island. Investigators believe the two incidents are related.

For more on the day’s events, read this story from The New York Times.

Here in the Red River Valley, it’s no secret many residents derive their heritage from Scandinavia – which means the attacks in Norway likely hit home for some people in local communities.

“Norway and North Dakota share historic cultural links, and the friendship between the Norwegian people and the people of North Dakota is as strong today as it was when the first Norwegian immigrants settled on the prairie,” Conrad said in a statement this afternoon.

“Norway has the full support of the people of North Dakota during this difficult time,” he added. “Sadly, the families and friends of the victims are experiencing a loss that can never be replaced and have been wronged in a way that can never be made right.”

Conrad is the chairman and founder of the Senate Norway Caucus, which promotes the strong relationship between the United States and Norway.

5 thoughts on “Conrad condemns attacks in Norway, pledges N.D.’s support

  1. Maybe Norway should clean up its immigration problem. Seems Norway is shotting itself in the foot. North Dakota and the US may want to learn a little something.

  2. I hope to God that no one from Norway reads the above remarks. With the unspeakable horror of the tragedy caused by this right wing terrorist, I’m shocked at the insensitivity of whoever wrote these comments. I have former students in Norway whose siblings were at the camp. I have former students who are on the police force in Oslo and were called to duty after the blast. I have relatives in Norway who are in complete shock at this terrorist attack.

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