Delegation secures $50M to bolster roads in flooded areas

FARGO – Members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation announced this morning that several North Dakota communities will benefit from transportation funding aimed at restoring flood-damaged roadways.

Sen. Kent Conrad (D) | Sen. John Hoeven (R) | Rep. Rick Berg (R)

The North Dakota Department of Transportation was awarded more than $50 million in federal funding to bolster infrastructure and improve the safety of roadways for motorists

According to the delegation,  federal grants totaling $50,450,000 were awarded to:

  • Devils Lake Basin: $33.5 million
  • Red River Valley: $7.75 million
  • West James River Basin: $6.7 million
  • Sheyenne/James River Basin: $2.5 million

The delegation said any potential shut down of the federal government – which could happen tomorrow if Congress doesn’t agree on a budget compromise – will not prevent these grants from being delivered to the state DOT.