2010 Census: Data coming out next week for North Dakota, Minnesota

FARGO – The U.S. Census Bureau announced this afternoon that North Dakota and Minnesota will be among the states whose local Census data will be released next week.

Under law, the bureau is required to release all 2010 Census data by April 1. Officials have been releasing data for a handful of states each week since the beginning of February – and finally, it seems to be the Red River Valley’s turn.

Why does this matter?

Well, now we’ll find out population and demographic data within each state – broken down by counties, cities, school districts and voting districts.

The information will help local communities get a sense of growth over the past decade and know more about who the people are that make up their communities.

For cities like West Fargo, which saw exponential growth, this could be especially important in gauging future needs or projects for the community.

Back in December, the Census Bureau released official populations for all the states themselves, but that data didn’t include smaller entities within the state.

We don’t know exactly when we’ll get a first look at North Dakota’s and Minnesota’s Census data, since the Census Bureau uses a very procedural process in releasing the data.

First, they need to deliver it to the states’ governors and legislative leaders. Once those officials confirm they’ve received the data, the bureau will release it to the public.

Based on the trend of past releases this year, the data typically seem to be coming out after Wednesday of each week.

Stay tuned to INFORUM next week, since we’ll be posting the information once we have it available.

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