Dorgan launches Center for Native American Youth

Byron Dorgan

FARGO – Former North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan had a lengthy to-do list when he left Congress last year, but today, he can check at least one item off the list.

Dorgan has launched the Center for Native American Youth, a new policy program at The Aspen Institute in Washington, D.C. The center is dedicated to combating the challenges facing young Native Americans, such as teen suicide.

During his congressional career, Dorgan had strong involvement in Indian affairs issues, and he says his work with The Aspen Institute is a way for him to continue that advocacy.

“What I have discovered is the resources are non-existent: health, education, housing, the things that most of us in America routinely expect to be taken care of,” Dorgan said. “Maybe we, through citizen action, can develop some solutions and provide some help, and that’s the purpose of putting together an organization like this at The Aspen Institute.”

“I just want to create a place where everybody can understand: Somebody cares, somebody’s trying to do something about it,” he added.

Watch Dorgan talk about the new center here:

10 thoughts on “Dorgan launches Center for Native American Youth

  1. Please Dorgan just go away – we had to listen to your dribble and look at your combover for 30+ years, do us all a favor and just go away since you were too afraid to face the voters and ran like a scared little girl.

    • Wow, to criticize a now private citizen in a story about how he is working to combat teen suicide among Native Americans is beyond petty. It must really suck being living a life as bitter as yours. Take the partisan blinders off once in a while.

  2. Thank you Senator Dorgan for creating this Center..I have visited the 3 largest reservations in ND and they are so in need of help..I hope the center can find a way to provide hope, such an intangible but necessary ingredient for life, to Native American youth.

  3. As a resident of Washington State, we are frequently impressed with the integrity of your two statesmen, Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad. What a difference they have both made in the lives of all of us, not just North Dakotans. North Dakotans should be very proud of their native sons.

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  5. Mr. Dorgan,
    I would like to know when personal responsibility on the Reservations will be studied. Can you and your think tank stop the unreal teenage pregnancies and alcoholism? How about the poor eating habits leading to the epidemic Diabetes that occurs on the Reservations. Being a North Dakota citizen living in the state since 1960, and visiting every county in North Dakota in my business, the reservations seem to be in a “foreign” country, separate and NOT equal to the other communities. Is this a decision by the other citizens of North Dakota, or is it the responsible decisions made by the members of the Reservations. I would hope that you are successful with your free time now. By no means am I downgrading your efforts, but you can lead a horse to water,,,,,,,

  6. He’s always been a a great supporter of Native issues and I can tell you that we appreciate it so much.

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