Conrad: America’s vulnerability to cyber attacks needs more attention

Kent Conrad

FARGO – North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad says he’s concerned about the dangers cyber attacks could pose to the state of America’s national security.

Conrad, a Democrat, was recently named to the Senate Select Intelligence Committee.

During a hearing today in Washington, Conrad questioned senior intelligence officials about what more can be done to educate the public about potential security vulnerabilities in America’s cyber infrastructure.

“As I look across the broad threats to this country I think the cyber threat is not getting enough attention,” Conrad said in a statement.¬† “More must be done to educate the public to the magnitude of this threat and the dangers of cyber attacks.”

The intelligence officials testified that the United States remains vulnerable to attacks by both foreign and domestic terrorists, particularly on the nation’s vast computer networks. Russia, China, Iran and other countries routinely conduct cyber espionage against¬† America’s computer infrastructure.

Conrad stressed that the the U.S. defense and intelligence networks need to build up their systems to protect against any potential attacks.