VIDEO: Berg’s floor speech in favor of health care repeal

FARGO – North Dakota Rep. Rick Berg‘s first speech on the House floor fittingly echoed one of his primary campaign platforms from last fall: Repealing health care reform.

The GOP freshman representative was among 245 House members today to vote in favor of legislation to repeal the nearly year-old law.

But, odds are the legislation – named the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act” – won’t go very far, since Democrats still control the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has vowed the bill won’t come to the chamber floor for a vote, and regardless, President Obama said he would veto any such legislation if it came to his desk.

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Berg’s floor speech in favor of health care repeal

  1. I wonder if Rep. Berg will turn down his government health care? I’d like to hear him comment on that.

    • “Job killer”? the facts do not support this claim. “Putting government between doctor and patient”? again, a distortion of fact. Truth is, this repeal is a political stunt by the Republicans, who spent millions of dollars to deceive Americans into thinking this was a bad law. Now that people know the truth, they support the tenants of reform. After all, America desparately needs affordable, accessible and quality health care…not just for the wealthiest. Who benefits most from the current system? Insurance companies and admin/medical CEOs – and they stand between doctors and patients right now. Americans need leaders who have the courage to speak the truth, not more spinmeisters.

  2. It is good to see Rep. Berg standing with the majority of those who elected him into office and stands up to the Obama administration to repeal this terrible bill. In Jan of this year, health insurance companies began rationing health care in order to offset the additional costs imposed on them by this bill. One health insurance company recently informed its members that it will no longer be covering “habilitative” therapy. Also, in 2012, health flex spending accounts will be capped at $2,500.00. To the average liberal sendaholic, this doesn’t matter but with a child who has special needs, my son is left struggling to receive the care he needs. I don’t expect Obama to come to my son’s rescue. I presume he is probably on vacation somewhere this week. Fortunately, whether or not the bill is repealed, the fact is, states will not be able to pay the additional Medicaid expenses inposed on them by this “deficit neutral” bill. California can’t even pay its citizens their tax refunds (they write them IOUs!) My parents who live in Illinois just watched their income taxes skyrocket to cover state retiree pensions. What are they going to do to next cover the additional Medicaid expenses? It would be great if they would repeal this bill and pass one that address true health care concerns and not the concerns of special interest groups.

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