Pomeroy’s plea among “10 Worst Campaign Ads of 2010″

Earl Pomeroy

FARGO – Earl Pomeroy‘s final ad of the 2010 campaign season has made National Journal‘s list of the worst ads for this election cycle.

A week before Election Day, the Democratic incumbent released an ad called “Introduce,” in which he sought to distinguish himself from unpopular Democratic leadership and apologize for “disappointing” North Dakotans at times.

The ad attracted national media attention for the uniqueness of the message – especially since it came from a nine-term incumbent. Pomeroy went on to lose by a 10-point margin to Republican challenger Rick Berg, who will be sworn in in January as North Dakota’s next congressman.

This week, National Journal revealed its selections for the best and worst ads of the campaign season, and Pomeroy’s ad came in at No. 9 on the worst list.

Here’s what the publication had to say:

9) “Introduce” – There wasn’t anything technically wrong with this closing ad from Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-N.D.), but when he aired it you could tell the writing was on the wall for his defeat. The first red flag was its title — “Introduce” — which is never a good thing for a congressman first elected in 1992 to be doing in the closing weeks of a campaign. Pomeroy then goes on to say he knows he’s “disappointed” North Dakota voters occasionally. Yikes. Pomeroy went on to lose to Republican Rick Berg.

(National Journal, 11/23/2010)