Pomeroy opens up after “decisive” defeat on Election Day

FARGO – Democratic Rep. Earl Pomeroy broke his temporary silence late last week to talk with statewide media about his potential plans for the future and his thoughts on his “decisive” defeat against Republican Rick Berg on Election Day.

Read Ryan Johnson’s report from Saturday’s Grand Forks Herald:

‘I just feel so grateful for the chance I had

Pomeroy discusses Election Day loss, health care reform and what he’ll do after his term ends

By: Ryan Johnson, Grand Forks Herald

Earl Pomeroy

In the final days of his failed campaign against Republican challenger Rick Berg, Rep. Earl Pomeroy said he knew there was a good chance that his bid for a 10th term as North Dakota’s lone member of the U.S. House “was not going to be successful.”

Pomeroy said he intended to write two speeches for election night — a victory speech and a concession speech.

“But I only had time to write one, so I wrote the concession speech figuring that was the more likely one I’d be giving,” he said. “Sure enough, that was the case.”

If he would have been victorious on Election Day, Pomeroy said he would have expressed “intense gratitude” for getting another chance to serve as the state’s congressman. That’s a sentiment he said he still feels, even after Berg beat him at the polls by nearly 10 percentage points.

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And read The Associated Press’ report in today’s edition of The Forum:

Pomeroy: No regrets on health care vote

Representative says he doesn’t believe his stance on reform cost him his job

By: Dale Wetzel, Associated Press Writer, INFORUM

BISMARCK – Rep. Earl Pomeroy doesn’t believe his support of federal health care legislation cost him his job, even though victorious Republican foe Rick Berg used the issue to hammer the incumbent Democrat.

After all, Pomeroy said, a number of Democrats, including South Dakota Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, opposed the measure and advertised that fact in their campaign advertising – and went down anyway.

“I don’t regret voting for the health care bill, and I don’t believe it was determinative in the election,” Pomeroy said in an interview with The Associated Press. “My central purpose in Congress was not to play it safe, so I could stay there forever.”

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