NDGOP launches contest to ‘find Pomeroy’

Earl Pomeroy

FARGO – The North Dakota Republican Party has launched a campaign-related contest accusing Democratic-NPL incumbent Rep. Earl Pomeroy of hiding from public view.

The NDGOP is asking supporters to submit videos of “a Pomeroy appearance at a public town hall or forum” that show him answering questions about health care reform or the stimulus package. The appearances must have taken place between today and Election Day, and winners receive a special T-shirt, the party says.

Here’s part of the statement from the NDGOP:

Recent ads from Pomeroy (D-ND) lambast Republican Rick Berg for allegedly “disappearing from public view,” but it is Pomeroy himself who has been invisible to North Dakotans. For the second consecutive year, Congressman Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) has not held any town hall or public events with constituents during the six-week Congressional recess. Similarly, Pomeroy’s campaign website has not listed public events for over a month.

Pomeroy’s invisibility on the campaign trail speaks to an effort to hide from voter anger at unpopular Democratic initiatives by simply avoiding public appearances.

Meanwhile, (GOP challenger Rick) Berg just completed a 10-day statewide tour, with his schedule posted on the campaign website at www.bergforcongress.com. This follows countless other public events Berg has held across North Dakota.

“Hide-and-go-seek is cute when kids play, but from a nine-term Congressman it’s a little embarrassing,” said Adam Jones, Executive Director of the North Dakota Republican Party. “It’s hard to see how Earl Pomeroy can claim to represent North Dakota citizens if he won’t even hold public meetings with them. Our contest aims to hold Pomeroy accountable for attempting to hide his support for Obamacare and the stimulus.”

Citizens wishing to participate in the contest can send their submissions to contest@ndgop.org.

It’s an interesting method to send a political message, but the Republicans’ argument lacks some context.

As I posted earlier today, Pomeroy did announce and attend at least about a dozen public events across North Dakota during the August recess. While none were of the town-hall format that North Dakota Republicans might be seeking, Pomeroy was available to the public on these occasions – just as Berg was available to the public during various stops on his recent campaign tour.

2 thoughts on “NDGOP launches contest to ‘find Pomeroy’

  1. This promised tee-shirt…is it being worked on by Berg and his trolls in their undisclosed location? You know, the one he hides from public view, inviting only crony insiders. Oh, and big-money, anti-ND issues guys like Boehner to sneak into the state for him.

    As usual, the NDGnope wears the hypocrisy crown with this stunt.

  2. I’d like to see a GOP candidate on camera answering questions about why Bush administration and the republican party lied this country into an illegal invasion of Iraq?

    Why it was necessary to “shock and awe” a country we went to liberate when it was already militarily defeated in the previous Gulf War.

    Why we liberating to death 100,000 Iraqis.

    Why we spent borrowed $ to build the largest Embassy in Iraq of any country any where in the world.

    Where did 3 trillion dollars go in Iraq?

    Why did Haliburton turn off Iraqs oil on the 2nd day of the invasion and drive up the price of oil to historic levels. And why did it take 8 years to get it back to “pre invasion” levels

    The definition of insanity is…. doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different.

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