NDGOP slams Pomeroy over NDSU Republicans display

FARGO – The North Dakota Republican Party is weighing in on coverage of a story this week that Rep. Earl Pomeroy‘s campaign complained about a display by NDSU College Republicans at the university’s activities fair.

According to the College Republicans, Pomeroy’s campaign asked NDSU to shut down the group’s display, but The Associated Press reports that Pomeroy’s campaign asked only for university officials to check into it after they’d heard complaints that it was offensive.

The NDGOP isn’t buying Pomeroy’s side of events and is accusing the Democratic-NPL incumbent of offering “questionable and dishonest justifications.”

“Pomeroy’s campaign is trying to cover up the fact that they tried to have the NDSU do their dirty work for them and shut the students down. They should be ashamed of themselves,” NDGOP executive director Adam Jones said. “Thankfully university administrators respected the students’ free speech rights.”

“Pomeroy and his campaign continue to be dogged by serious ethical questions,” Jones added.

Jones and the NDGOP have been aggressively critical of Pomeroy in recent months, attacking him repeatedly for not returning campaign contributions from embattled New York Rep. Charlie Rangel (who is facing charges by the House ethics committee) and for a mishap in which Pomeroy’s then-congressional spokesman Brenden Timpe referenced GOP challenger Rick Berg in a published comment. (Campaign laws require a strict division between official congressional work and campaigning. Whether related to the incident or not, Timpe since switched from Pomeroy’s congressional office to his campaign staff.)